The Gay Hero Project presents short documentaries and creative works about the lgbtq community

A new initiative, GHP Presents showcases new work by the team members and partners of the Gay Hero Project. There’s always a new video in the works, so come back soon or check out the blog to see what’s on the way!


Jacob on the Roof (2016)

A young designer, a few fleeting moments, a balcony open to the sky — Jacob Hinman is captured discussing his father and the stuff of heroes.

The GHP Team

Lance Levesque, Producer & Director
Ryan Chatel (REC Films), Producer
Assistant Director, Kourtney Katanich
Jeremy Kingwill, Camera
Jeremiah Miller, Editor


Bonnie Bowman (2015)

Former Los Angeles educator, Bonnie retired to her New Hampshire home with her partner of 36 years, Joan Dunning. In the spring of 2014, the GHP team caught up with her in her lakeside home to talk about her life, marriage, and the meaning of “you I keep.”

Screened at the 8th Pride of the Ocean Film Festival, 2015

The GHP Team

Lance Levesque, Exec. Producer & Director
Kevin Sweet, Exec. Producer & Camera
Ryan Chatel (REC Films), Producer & Editor
Derek Strazdas, Consulting Producer
Matt Evans, Camera & Sound
Jeremiah Miller, Sound Editor

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